Polar Obsession showcases the magnificence of nature in remote regions of the world that few get to experience first-hand. Like the great American landscape painters of the19th century who helped inspire the conservation movement and the creation of our National Park system, Nicklen’s work seeks to inspire empathy and greater understanding of the world’s interconnected ecosystems and raise awareness of the dramatic impacts global climate change is having on their decline. Polar Reflection Face to Face Parenthood PropulsionMajesty Surfacing Home Ice Advantage Last MealA Colony for KingsEvolve Submerged Grace Higher Ground The Long SummerThe Wild South Nature's Window Emerging Ephemeral Palace Polar Impressions Gathering of Unicorns Arctic Nomad The Over/Under An Ancient Ice Tusked Titans Stunning Attack Ice Walker CourageRushing Towards Safety Rainfall Over the Peel WatershedIce Waterfall CommunityArctic Ghost Melting WaterThe Dance Kings of Antarctica Emperor Express Deceiving Beauty Defying GravityTeen Spirit